Purchasing an OdeCo. Home

OdeCo. LLC. is a hard working, locally owned and operated homebuilder that offers many of the services you will need to purchase your new home. We are equipped to help you at every stage of the homebuilding, buying, and selling process.


We provide an in-house broker associate, as well as experience sales associates. OdeCo. also has the tools necessary to help you sell your current home.


Our homes can be purchased directly from the builder by calling 605-521-3770. We do not require the services of a real estate agent; however, if you are currently under contract with an agent, please invite them to attend meetings and showings with you.

Every homebuying experience is different, however, most homebuyers will go through the following steps when purchasing a home from OdeCo. LLC.

1. ​Visit a lender to get pre-approved for a loan
    Contact OdeCo. LLC. 605-521-3770 for recommendations of accredited lenders.

2. Type of Home

    Establish your price range.

    Determine your needs: location, size, number of bedrooms.

    Decide whether to buy or build your new home.

    OdeCo. LLC. offers a wide variety of floor plans for homes and town homes. Contact the OdeCo. sales       staff for questions and assistance in choosing a home to best suit your needs.

3. View Properties

    Contact OdeCo. LLC. 605-521-3770 to view available properties or to create your dream home.

4. Select Your Home

    Meet at OdeCo. to select colors and options for your new home.

5. Sign a Purchase Agreement and Deliver Earnest Money

6. Prepare for Closing

    Check with your lender to secure your loan.

    Arrange for homeowner's insurance.

    Call utility companies.

    Arrange for deliveries of furniture, appliances, and mail.

7. Final Walk-Thru of Property

8. Closing at Getty Abstract

    Sign closing paperwork and warranty information.

    Receive the keys to your new home!

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